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I’m afraid to connect. With myself and other humans. I’ve been taught to judge. Distrust. Push away. And I’d really like to shift this individualistic narrative into something more expansive, flexible, and brimming with curiosity.

Over the past two years, I’ve been grappling with & exploring the relationship I have with my self. This ongoing journey has excavated old bones and uncomfortable truths. It has also illuminated tender moments of deep connection, joy, and freedom.

And I’m wonderingif this resonates. If so, I would love to dive deeper with you in 28 Conversations, where we share a 1-on-1 conversation on the following (we can start with one or explore as many as you'd like): 

💜 grief
💜 guilt
💜 shame
💜 the relationship we have with our self

Why 28 Conversations?

💚 I'd like to get to know who my community might be.
💚 I'd like to practice my relational skills and meet people where they are at.
💚 I'd really really like to get to know people beyond small-talk.
💚 I'd like to strengthen my connecting-with-others muscle.
💚 I'm very curious about exploring unfamiliar realms together.
💚 I hope to better recognize when relational fuckery comes out to play (so that hopefully, I can make informed decisions).

Technical Deets

🧡  45 minutes to 1 hour-long video call (choice of zoom or google meet)
🧡  Session will not be recorded

This is an invitation to come as you are. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM or at ryookyung.kim@gmail.com. I so look forward to meeting (or re-connecting) with you! 💙 

I am incredibly grateful for James-Olivia Chu Hillman, whom this project is inspired by. Legend has it I'm still chewing on their questions regarding right relationship.